In reference to the patent: US20150309854

I want to know why do not see the images?

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The images are available in PDF form here on The Lens. An open, persistent and public resource with no click-tracking, advertising or other privacy invasion.

  • The Lens is awesome.
    – Eric S
    Commented Feb 26, 2017 at 0:30

You're not crazy (In case that's what you were thinking).

The images don't show on that patent link for me either, neither does the PDF.

When I view it from this URL, I am able to see the full patent with images (via the PDF link on this site):



Many a times Google patents doesn't show the patent PDF. There are other websites where you can do this freely though. I have often found that http://www.pat2pdf.org is the best. Even though there are free sites like - http://www.patentretriever.com/ or http://www.freepatentpdfs.com/


People often make the mistake of searching for patents from the base www.google.com site. It works much better to search from patents.google.com. For instance here is the same patent which includes the figures.

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