In reference to the patent: US 6499671 B1

What action is required to reinstate this patent?


This link describes How to Reinstate a Patent

I'm guessing it's more than 24 months lapsed, so see the second paragraph below. My other guess is that you're trying to figure out how much you'd owe. I didn't see how to determine that (aside from the fee schedule displayed, but then you need to know what is already paid). Near the end of the page they list a phone number (also shown below).

From the linked page:

If a maintenance fee has not been paid in a timely manner and the owner of the patent wants to get the patent rights reinstated, a petition and proper fees are required.


If the date of expiration is more than 24 months, file a petition by submitting the completed form SB/66 and paying the proper fees; there are significant processing delays and the filing does not guarantee a granted petition. Contact the Office of Petitions at 571-272-3282 for assistance on filing a petition to accept unintentionally delayed payment of the maintenance fee.


If you need additional assistance, please contact the Maintenance Fee Branch by telephone at 571-272-6500

  • I'm needing help with my software utility patent. Ta a really good idea and I'm willing to add someone else as a second inventor with me. I'm just really not trying to throw away $400.00 – Brandon Roberts Apr 12 '16 at 1:07

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