In reference to the patent: USD708869

How Do I check if this patent been approved? Why or why not? When? Is the patent owner still alive? Is the patent for sale? Are there other similar patents?

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The link in your question is the granted patent.

You can see on the box at the right of the Google Patents page that its Publication Type is "Grant," meaning it's a patent and no longer an application, and that its Publication date was July 15, 2014.

Status box from Google Patents

Unfortunately, I can't speak to the licensing that its assignee has in place, if any, and I don't know whether they're still alive (although having filed this in 2014, it wouldn't surprise me).

I would suggest checking out How can I contact the owner of a patent? for information about finding the owner. Contacting them would be your best bet to work out a licensing arrangement.

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