US Patent Application US20120207901: INFLATABLE CUSHION

Claim #1 describes an ice cream maker assembly comprising of an inflatable cushion to insulate a an ice cream maker apparatus inside. The rest of the claims generally describe the shape and construction of the air-filled insulator.

This type of air-filled cushion is used commonly as a portable "cooler" for applications from keeping ice from melting to keeping drinks cold. See: Amazon: Inflatable Cooler.

Substituting more conventional insulators with the air-filled cushion may be unique in this application, but anyone reasonable knowledgeable about insulating methods would already be familiar with this option. Would simply substituting one material for another well-known material in this application be considered prior art?

Can someone find an inflatable cooler that uses these pentagonal sections?

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This application got a non-final rejection at the end of Nov. based on Mobley 5666261 and Angus 5857351. If you are interested in it you can look in USPTO public PAIR. There are several things already listed on the record by the applicant and by the examiner.

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