I have many different inventions to patent - not just multiple independent claims, but several completely different and entirely unrelated inventions (for example, one is an automotive technology and another is a medical device; completely unrelated).

Will I save on fees by patenting them at the same time?


There are no bulk filing fees at the U.S. Patent Office. http://www.uspto.gov/learning-and-resources/fees-and-payment/uspto-fee-schedule

There are discounts such as the micro entity and small entity fee schedules if you qualify. However, the micro-entity works against bulk filing.

If you are planning on using a patent attorney or patent agent to prepare and file your patent applications, you may certainly be able to negotiate a bulk discount on the fees for their services.

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  • Thank you for your response. What do you mean by "micro-entity works against bulk filing?" I know that a requirement for micro-entity is that I am not named on more than four previous applications, but it says nothing about filing more than four patents at once. Thanks again. – m.chang Jun 30 '16 at 21:04

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