Application US20140276230

Poroelastic dynamic mechanical analyzer for determining mechanical properties of biological materials.

The word of this patent is garbled and the PDF cannot be download from Google Patent. Hope for a solution. Thank you

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    Google Patent has the PDF now. The HTML was not displaying the formulas correctly but formulas are not handled well in many formats. If you cannot get a PDF from Google in the future, you should try www.pat2pdf.org for a download of the PDF. – Kevin E Flynn Jul 15 '16 at 18:02
  • instead of using google.com/patents, try patents.google.com. – Eric S Jan 21 '17 at 15:03

Use the public PAIR at USPTO: http://portal.uspto.gov/pair/PublicPair

Prove you are human with the CAPTCHA and enter 20140276230 in the publication number slot ... look at the published documents ... it's all there.

You will need a TIFF veiwer to look at this document from the USPTO:


Free TIFF Viewer: http://www.alternatiff.com/


I find The Lens a good and generally more reliable alternative to Google Patents. Here is the cited patent application on The Lens: https://www.lens.org/lens/patent/US_2014_0276230_A1.

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