I would like to understand the expiration date from patent EP 1228987 and for the DE 60206307 Thank you,


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European patents expire 20 years from their filling date. In your case filling date is 30.01.2002. Interestingly, there is a small discrepancy across the contracting states of the European Patent Office. Some consider the date of filling as being included in the 20-year time span (FR, UK) and some don't (DE) ("What is the term of a European patent?" by M. Snodin, CIPA Journal, July 2016, volume 45(7), p.17). This results in one day difference between the national expiries, I don't think it is important in the majority of cases.

As for DE60206307, the kind code is T2, which means it refers to the translation of the EP patent and there is no separate national filling in Germany. The fees of the EP patent have not been payed since 2006, though (https://register.dpma.de/DPMAregister/pat/register?lang=en&AKZ=E020019063) and so the patent has lapsed in Germany.

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