I noticed that the patent for solidifying forms with cremated ash such as in ceramics, glass, or paint, has lapsed due to non-payment. Does that mean that I can purchase the rights to the patent?

Thank you


It might be possible to renew the patent if the lapse was in the close past. But the only way to to purchase a patent is by talking to the owner. There is no such thing as buying patents that others surrendered from the government or something alike.

But even if you do renew a patent by buying it shortly after the non payment of fees (you can look up the exact regulations for the renewment), please consider that nobody would not-pay the fees on a patent he considers valuable. Most of the times, not paying the fees is just a easier way of surrendering the patent (or application).


If a patent has lapsed, there are no rights available anymore. In order for the patent rights to be available, one has to pay the annual fees.

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