In reference to the patent: WO2016054751A1

What, in this claim is different from the following? (same applicant...extending life of the patent?) Integral joining Grant US7160405B2 Marcel Aeschlimann Woodwelding Ag Priority 1999-06-18 • Filing 2004-11-19 • Grant 2007-01-09 • Publication 2007-01-09 A method for joining bodies by melting down a joining element. The joining element acts on a surface of one of the bodies and penetrates the surface as a result of a directed force. Once in a penetrated condition, a mechanical excitation …

  • You don't include a link to the US patent but you do realize that a international application can have the same claims as a US patent. – Eric S Dec 10 '16 at 13:57

I've only looked briefly at the cited application and patent. In the patent it seems that a part pierces another part and then mechanical excitation is applied to melt a thermoplastic which provides the bond. In the application, it seems that the two pieces have corresponding features (like a tongue and groove). The cited patent is clearly relevant as prior art, but I can't say whether it precludes the application from becoming a patent.

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