In reference to the patent: US7878151

Our Pet's filed a lawsuit against Kong for this toy (patent infringement)in February 2011. Was the case ever settled?


The lawsuit is closed, see here:


There was a joint motion to dismiss from all parties, so apparently it was settled. The documents can be accessed through PACER (thats the US courts system to access public court documents). However, it costs 0,1 dollars per page (max. $3 per document) so I'm not going to look into them. Feel free to register for PACER if you want more information, payments below the first $15 are waived (they don't have to be paid), so you could get the documents for free that way (please confirm that first, that's the last information I had, I didn't check if it's still that way).

PACER: https://www.pacer.gov/

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