In reference to the patent: USD247292

I would like to use the mirror with an "L" bracket (manufactured) installed in place of the bar end mount for off-road motorcycle use. "L" bracket would be secured to handle bars using a hose clamp.

Would resale of this with the modification as described cause a patent concern?

Can the mirrors be sold to me directly through the manufacturer?


The cited patent is a design patent. I'd guess if you want to just mount a spherical mirror on an L bracket on a motorcycle it wouldn't infringe this patent. In any case this patent is quite old and should be expired. This is not to say there isn't some other patent you would have to deal with. If you do a Google search on "small spherical mirrors" or "small convex mirrors", you'll find many sources. If you want to work with the manufacturer associated with the cited design patent, there is nothing stopping you from contacting them, although they may or may not agree to do business with you.

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