I was wondering if there is a tool / a database or something different that can be used to show the date of appearance of certain products in the market.

It could perhaps be something similar to the "wayback machine" at https://archive.org/ , even if it cannot be used in courts.

If I recall correctly, patent examiners have to rely on the information shown in printed journals. But is there an electronic equivalent for quick searches?

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The Wayback Machine is actually the closest thing available for this too, even if it's not quite the main purpose. This should show, in most cases, at least when a product is offered for sale. Though its dating is relatively coarse, and it certainly wouldn't do anything to show non-Internet offers, nor actual sales.

Archive.org is actually prior art too, since it contains documents which are available to the public at a given date. I have seen examiners (particularly in Europe) rely on it as such.

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