In reference to the patent: US20160206031

I just wanted to know if other companies are aloud to sell the magnetic eyelashes? is the patent for adding a any kind of magnet to the lash (whereby no other company could sell magnetic lashes)? or is this patent for a special magnetic on the lashes? and other companies can sell magnetic lashes as long as they don't copy this special magnetic?

many thanks

First of all, this is a patent application, not yet a patent. Even if the patent gets granted, the claims may be narrowed from what is in the application. You should review the question and answers already posted about this application.

To answer your question, a patent restricts the use of the implementation as specified in the claims. As we don't know the final claims yet we aren't sure how broad or narrow the restriction will be. To infringe on a patent, you must implement every step of at least one claim. So, if you can figure out a way to make false lashes that works differently to what is detailed in the claims of an issued patent, you should be able to manufacturer them. I will warn you however that claims are sometimes complicated to interpret and there is always the potential for other relevant patents to exist. As always, it is best to consult with an actual patent attorney about whether you are free to manufacturer your product.

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