US20070143326A1 - Dynamic Circular Work-Stealing Deque concerns a method of scheduling work on multiple threads by means of work stealing using a resizable buffer. Since it was filed by David Chase and Yosef Lev, I assume it refers to their Dynamic Circular Work Stealing Deque paper.

The techniques outlined in that paper represent the backbone of many open source multithreading libraries including Rust's Rayon. However, this patent appears to solely cover an abstract algorithm. I am just wondering if this patent is still valid after Alice?

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US2007014332A1 is a patent application. It has been granted as US7346753B2 so it is currently a valid patent. It was issued in 2008 so the Alice decision came well after it. Whether Alice impacts the enforceability of US7346753B2 probably won't be known until Sun Microsystems (Oracle) tries to enforce it and if there is a resulting court case. I'm not a lawyer so I don't know if this has happened.

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