In reference to the patent: WO2017013302A1


The query refers to WIPO publication number. To view figures one can browse WIPO patent search. Link https://patentscope.wipo.int/search/en/search.jsf. Select field combination under search.

For this application, use title (System and method for guided implantoplasty) or publication no. (WO2017013302A1) or PCT application no. (PCT/ES2016/070559) for search.

Click on search. Click on Drawing on next page to see figures. One can also see drawings after clicking on documents and then clicking on Application as filed.

Directly these links can be browsed for this application. (https://patentscope.wipo.int/search/en/detail.jsf?docId=WO2017013302&recNum=1&tab=Drawings&maxRec=&office=&prevFilter=&sortOption=&queryString=) else (https://patentscope.wipo.int/search/en/detail.jsf?docId=WO2017013302&recNum=1&tab=PCTDocuments&maxRec=&office=&prevFilter=&sortOption=&queryString=).

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