and thanks for your assistance. Is the STATUS DATE listed for an application on Public Pair the date the STATUS action happened or just the date it was last updated? My confusion lies in an 2007 application (11/811041) where the STATUS is "FINAL REJECTION MAILED" but the status date is December 2017, 10 years later.

I'm wondering what the real status of the application is. If the final rejection was truly December 2017, it may well still be live as unlikely as it seems.

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If you look it up in Public PAIR and click on the Image File Wrapper tab, you will see -

03-27-2018 N/AP Notice of Appeal Filed

Rather than responding with a RCE/response/amendment to the final rejection, the application has filed for the first steps of an appeal. Along the way it has had other "final" rejections and also went abandoned briefly in 2010.

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