Ideally, there would be a .dot files (for provisional / non-provisional patent applications) that would take care of formatting details per the USPTO spec. In addition would be helpful if the .dot template included the outline for the document: prompting inventors with specific questions to advance a draft as far as possible so that it can be handed off to a patent attorney or agent. A superior .dot would incorporate advance word-processing features such as auto-numbering of paragraphs and references.

I am interested in understanding:

  1. Is there a USPTO preferred 'style' in the MS-Word sense for patent applications?
  2. Are there good .dot templates (provisional / non provisional) templates that meet the description above?

Links to good .doc patent application or .dot template is appreciated.

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    After you set centered page numbers, font 12 and 1.5 line spacing, there is a large amount of substantive work ahead. Paragraph numbering can be a little tricky but line numbers are very easy to set. Any line/paragraph numbering is optional. Do start the Claims and Abstract on a new page. – George White Apr 2 '18 at 19:51

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