In the US, continuation applications of a given application can be checked for in the "Continuity Data" tab in PAIR.

In the case of EPO, divisionals (the analogue of continuations) may be less common due to EPO renewal fees due from the parent's EP filing date (e.g. see here).

I have not been able to find any examples of EP divisionals. How can I determine whether one has been filed for a given application (e.g. via EP register or GPI)? Is it possible to provide an example EP divisional?

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On the EP register, there is a specific field called "Divisional application(s)". This is only shown where there is actually a divisional application.

An example of this can be seen on EP 11749534. This shows EP 16178435 is a divisional.

If you want to find more divisionals generally, one approach is to search for an application having an application date significantly more than 18 months before the publication date. This typically only occurs for divisional applications, and this is how I found EP 16178435 above.


And in addition to the above answer, you can check if a divisional has been filed but is not yet published at the "Event History" tab of the page Maca provided already. It displays a message reading "Change - divisional application(s)" and on the far right the date on which the filing of the divisional will be announced at the EP Bulletin. This is particularly useful if you are monitoring a really important patent application and want to be informed as quickly as possible.

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You could use the INPADOC legal status code EP AC, e.g. in INPADOC on STN you would use EPAC/LSC to retrieve all divisional applications Christoph (PATON, InPharmation)

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