Is it possible to get US patents schema in xsd format. I could find it in dtd format at the folllowing location but not xsds.


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Here's a final draft of ST.96 XML Schema Perhaps, there is everything that you want.

  • thank you. There is one problem though with the schema while generating jaxb classes. xsd files import multiple xsds in the same namespace so it fails. e.g. the following: <xsd:import namespace="wipo.int/standards/XMLSchema/Common/0" schemaLocation="../../../Common/0/Basic/id-V0-5.xsd"/> <xsd:import namespace="wipo.int/standards/XMLSchema/Common/0" schemaLocation="../../../Common/0/Basic/fileReferenceIdentifier-V0-1.xsd"/> Just wondering if anybody faced similar issues.
    – boorkbak
    Commented Jun 25, 2018 at 12:17

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