How can I retrieve the meta-information of all patents filed by a given assignee?

I am mostly interested in title, inventor list, and year of filing, for patents filed to the USPTO. The meta-information should be in some machine-readable format (i.e., querying Google Patents like https://patents.google.com/?assignee=Adobe+Systems+Inc&oq=assignee:(Adobe+Systems+Inc) isn't helpful for my use case as the output isn't machine-friendly).

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You can use the Google Patents Public Datasets (mirror), which can be accessed through Google BigQuery.

For example, this query (its execution is free of charge):

SELECT publication_number, assignee_harmonized.name, filing_date, country_code  
FROM [patents-public-data.patents.publications]
-- WHERE UPPER(assignee_harmonized.name) LIKE 'ADOBE%'
WHERE UPPER(assignee_harmonized.name) = 'ADOBE SYSTEMS INC'
ORDER BY filing_date DESC 
LIMIT 20000;


enter image description here

To retrieve the inventor names, you can run:

SELECT publication_number, inventor_harmonized.name, filing_date
FROM [patents-public-data.patents.publications] 
WHERE publication_number IN (
  SELECT publication_number FROM [patents-public-data.patents.publications] 
  -- WHERE UPPER(assignee_harmonized.name) LIKE 'ADOBE%'
  WHERE UPPER(assignee_harmonized.name) = 'ADOBE SYSTEMS INC'
AND country_code = 'US'
ORDER BY filing_date DESC;

Schema description: https://bigquery.cloud.google.com/table/patents-public-data:patents.publications?tab=schema:

enter image description here

I have used the legacy SQL, but the preferred query syntax for BigQuery is standard SQL. See Migrating to Standard SQL if you want to convert the queries to Standard SQL.


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