I am surely not having experience with patents but I want to know if there is any site or application that can assist me get patent registered in European market (and have all steps/prerequisites given in checklist based to track my progress).

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You might find a checklist to help you with submitting a properly formatted application with all required components (Description, Drawings, Claim, Abstract). You can also find guides to the phases the application goes through (filing, requesting substantive examination, rejection, arguments/amendments, acceptance, opposition period, granting and validating in one or more specific countries). However, drafting a quality application that will ultimately be accepted is a very specialized task. Prepare for a long period of self-education, use of a professional, or possibly ultimate frustration.


There are a lot of ressources on the website of the European Patent Office (EPO). For example this site about the basics of applying for a european patent aims at beginners.

Note however art. 133 EPC:

(2) Natural or legal persons not having their residence or principal place of business in a Contracting State shall be represented by a professional representative and act through him in all proceedings established by this Convention, other than in filing a European patent application; the Implementing Regulations may permit other exceptions.

If you are no resident of a contracting state, you can only file the patent application and pay the relevant fees associated with the filing and need an attorney for everything else.

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