(B) Cross-Reference to Related Applications: (See 37 CFR 1.78 and MPEP Section 200.) If this patent is related to other patents, or based on earlier-filed US applications, it will be stated right after the title. This would include patents based on provisional applications, or which are divisions, continuations or continuations-in-part of other applications. If the earlier applications became patents before this patent issued, the patent numbers will usually be noted here. Sometimes foreign priority applications are listed here, but it is not required. This information may duplicate information on the first page.

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If a Provisional Application is filed, is the Non Provisional Application a continuation of the Provisional?

Would my invention's title be:

Left handed smoke shifter. Continuation of Provisional Application 62/11111111?


It is not a continuation of the provisional. It "claims the benefit of the provisional."

  • Left handed smoke shifter, claiming the benefit of Provisional Application 62/11111111? Always good to hear from you George – gatorback Feb 4 at 2:22

Yes, the non provisional application which refers to an earlier priority has to cross refer all earlier applications which it calims priority from.

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