The question is in context of a response attempting to overcome the examiner's cited prior art in a rejection. If stating that the prior art in question doesn't exactly address the point being used for rejection, is there a distinction between saying

"the xxxx art does not teach..."


"the xxxx art does not teach or disclose..." ?


the basic difference between the both lies between content of prior art

Eg. you have developed a product consisting of 1. aaa 2. bbb 3. ccc 4. ddd

Scenario 1: In the above example the prior art has aaa, bbb, ccc but not ddd then

the prior art XXXX doesn't teach or disclose the use of ddd

Scenario 2: In the above example the prior art has of aaa, bbb, ccc and ddd,But in the prior art the compound is used for a different purpose than that of your intention.( eg: in prior art the compound ddd is disclosed as lubricant but in your invention you are using it as a solvent)

the prior art XXXX doesn't teach the use of ddd as an solvent.

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