If a US micro-entity Utility patent was granted in 2014, when is the next renewal date and what is the fee?

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Very easy to look up post-grant fee table at USPTO Please figure it out from this information. Note that Entity Status can change both during prosecution and after grant. You may or may not qualify as a micro-entity at the time the fee is due. Note, what the rest of the world calls a renewal fee, the U.S. calls a maintenance fee.

Patent Maintenance Fees

Fee Code 37 CFR 1551/2551/3551 1.20(e) For maintaining an original or any reissue patent, due at 3.5 years

 Fee             1,600.00
Small Entity Fee   800.00
Micro Entity Fee   400.00
Fee Code 37 CFR 1552/2552/3552 1.20(f) For maintaining an original or any reissue patent, due at 7.5 years

 Fee             3,600.00
Small Entity Fee 1,800.00
Micro Entity Fee   900.00

To pay fees and get exact dates for fees for a specific patent see the maintenance fee portal.

  • Thank you. If the patent was granted June 24, 2014, then the 7.5 years will be January 2022?
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