Which is the de facto and most recognizable patent DB in the world? Is it WIPO's database (the search engine and the interface seem limited) or Google Patents or maybe anything else? What is the difference between these and do they cover every country in Europe and also the States?


Personally, I find problems with Google Patents not finding all the relevant patents when I search. It is, however handy for finding an individual patent quickly. I prefer The Lens which I find more full featured, especially if you register (free). Ultimately, if you want detailed file histories, there is no substitute for individual country databases like the US Public Pair for the the US. I find Espacenet useful for European patents.

  • What about WIPO? – nmrlqa4 Jul 31 '19 at 6:10
  • I've not used WIPO much. It looks good if a bit barebones from the UI standpoint. The professional patent librarians I've worked for generally used paid databases like TotalPatent or Micropatent. Hopefully, you'll get another answer which expands on mine. – Eric S Jul 31 '19 at 13:49

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