If a software provides calculation of value-at-risk based on some text book methods (say the one described by John C. Hull), does the publisher of the software become liable to any claims for violation of intellectual property?

A simple google search reveals - https://patents.google.com/patent/US7356504B2/en but I cannot make any inference to answer my question.

(Limiting the jurisdiction to US for now; there are many other jurisdictions where software patents would be invalid.)


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There are many many patents with the term "value-at-risk" in the tile or body. From google patents -

The oldest one

System and method for determination of incremental value at risk for securities … EP US JP AU CA US5819237A Mark B. Garman Financial Engineering Associates, Inc. filed 1996-02-13

The most recent

US10277525B2 Method and apparatus for disaggregated overlays via application services profiles Abstract Example embodiments of the present invention relate to a method, a system, and a computer program product for creating a dynamically composed compute node. The method includes receiving an application characteristic and generating an infrastructure allocation request according to the application characteristic. The infrastructure allocation request then may be forwarded to a management system associated with a disaggregated infrastructure.

What google patents sees as the most relevant

System and method for determining value at risk of a financial portfolio US US6085175A Leon G. Gugel Axiom Software Laboratories, Inc. Priority 1998-07-02 • Filed 1998-07-02 • Granted 2000-07-04 • Published 2000-07-04

Since we do not know the text book method you are talking about we can't compare your plans to the many issued patents in the U.S.

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