I decided to file a utility patent application myself without an attorney after watching hours of boring youtube videos about the patent and patent process (I don't know how you guys stay awake). I filed a US utility patent using EFS-Web myself online and it was smooth. I got a letter from USPTO after a few weeks saying that I -- accidentally -- omitted the description of a single image under the Description of Drawings. I was asked to submit the description for it. No issue in that regard but my question is that do I resubmit the whole application with the correction, or a sheet of paper with updated Description of Drawings section of the application, or just a single paragraph with the description of that single image? Thanks in advance.

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Here is an excerpt from USPTO example. The cross-outs didn't come over in my cut and paste so do look at the link.

Amendments to the Specification: Please replace paragraph [0021] with the following amended paragraph:

[0021] In the construction of the bucket of this invention, various materials have been selected [[and]] which offer a number of diverse properties [[ , ]] and allow for varied functions of the article. For caustic solutions, the bucket can be made of a durable polymer plastic material. Where an aesthetic appeal is desired, the bucket can be any [[of]] one of many attractive colors. The following listing list of properties serves to define possible uses for the buckets.

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