The U.S. Patent Statistics Chart Calendar Years 1963 - 2019 (mirror) distinguish Applications of "U.S. Origin" from Applications of "Foreign Origin".

What counts as patents of "Foreign Origin" in the USPTO statistics? For example, if for a given patent 1 assignee is located outside the United States and 1 assignee is located in the United States, does that count as a patent of "Foreign Origin" or a patent of "U.S. Origin"?

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From Frequently Asked Questions About Patent Statistics: "the PTMT Patent Technology Monitoring Team] and USPTO Annual Fiscal Year Reports use the residence of the first-named inventor to determine the origin of a patent"

See also the list of reports: "The totals are broken down by origin (patent origin is determined by the residence of the first-named inventor), either U.S. or foreign."

The ownership of the patent (assignee(s)) is not used to determine origin of the patents in these reports.

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