Facebook bought Instagram when it wasn't patented. Facebook could have just created a copy of Instagram and launched It with their already existing millions of users.

1- Why did Facebook pay 1 Billion dollars for a product that can be replicated without patent issues ?

2- And Is It "safe" to launch a new website or an idea without a patent and without the big companies just overtaking It ?

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    It isn't just features. It is users who are signed up to it and who have feelings of belonging to it. And patents are a business tool. Sometimes first mover advantages and trademark are more valuable. – George White Aug 17 at 4:05
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    1 and 2 are out of scope for this site and 3 is marginal. – George White Aug 17 at 4:09
  • You don't get a patent on a website. You might get a patent on some specific feature on a website if it meets the requirements of a patent. That said, just about none of this question is on-topic for this site. You might try the Law SE site or perhaps some business focussed site. – Eric S Aug 17 at 14:29

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