My client wants to file reissue application. The reason is that he wants to correct the formulas in the specification.

Then, he noticed that he wants to change the order of the inventors when we file reissue application.

Could you please let me know the procedures of doing that? and will there be any office fee for this?


Al -

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    Just to be clear, are you selling your services to facilitate the filing of a patent? If so, I believe you need to be a registered patent attorney or patent agent. If not, you should probably be very careful. – Eric S Oct 12 at 18:40
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    Al - if you are a registered practitioner you might ask a colleague or figure it out from the MPEP. If you are not a registered practitioner or an attorney you are likely practicing law without a license. If you are a licensed attorney but not a registered patent attorney you are likely practicing law very outside a realm of your ability to provide competent representation and against USPTO rules. – George White Oct 13 at 16:56

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