Can I sell in Canada a product patented the United States?

Can I sell in Canada a product patented in the United States? How can I know the united States Patent has registered an international license or not? I am interested in US patent 7,264,189, please help.

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There is a corresponding Canadian application CA2444353A1 HAND-HELD FOOD PROCESSOR.

Patents are territorial and no "international license" of the U.S. patent would be relevant in Canada. The application above is not not granted as a patent as of 11/16/2020.


To add to George White's answer, the cited US patent should expire in the US as of April 19, 2021. According to Google Patents, the Canadian application CA2444353C should it get approved would expire about a year later on April 11, 2022. Once a patent expires, it is no longer a concern from an infringement aspect. This doesn't mean other, more recent patents aren't also a concern.

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