Help me find the Original document of this Patent ES102424A by French Association 'La Reliure Spirale' 'A flip-sheet notebook system' could be the translation, but I could not find the Original document from 1927-06-01

  • All the places I looked show the bibliographic info but do not have any images or text. – George White Apr 4 at 0:17
  • Hi George, yes that was my experience as well. But one patent attorney found it at the Spanish Datrabase and sent me the link. – Material Culture Apr 6 at 13:31

Found it in the database of the Spanish PTO: PDF of the document you are looking for

  • Possibly the best one sentence answer ever. Even without a period. – Eric S Apr 4 at 22:27
  • Your messages lightenend up my day! I have been searching there, but could not find it. It is a gem!! Thank you so much, Ruth from Vienna – Material Culture Apr 6 at 13:29

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