Are patents titles required to be unique, as for instance required for websites addresses?

Take as an example the UK patent description for a patent, and suppose that a patent with title "Bicycle Stabiliser" has been filed in the past.

Can I file a patent introducing a completely novel bicycle stabiliser, but with the same "Bicycle Stabiliser" title?

  • As an aside, neither are book titles required to be unique.
    – George White
    Apr 10 at 2:56
  • As an aside to the aside: book titles may be protected.
    – DonQuiKong
    Apr 13 at 10:39

No, they are not required to be unique.

For examples try any standard product in any patent search engine and you'll find plenty.

  • 1
    After all, patents are uniquely identified by a number. In fact I think some patent titles are intentionally vague and generic to make searching more difficult.
    – Eric S
    Apr 9 at 13:30

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