I´ve been trying finding the translation into English of the Greek patent GR1004996B, by searching at WIPO patentscope, Espacenet and Google Patents, and didn't find it. There are just the original document and, in some cases, just the abstract in English.

  • The document on Espacenet is an image file. You might need to search for an OCR (optical character recognition) program that handles Greek.
    – Eric S
    Jul 22, 2021 at 17:00

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I was also unable to find a translation on the cited patent resources. What I did try is to first download the patent from Espacenet. This pdf is an image file so you need to convert it to text. I uploaded the file to Convertio. This created a Word document with actual Greek text, but only for a portion of the patent. Evidently Convertio only does three pages for free. I then uploaded this file to Google Translate and selected Greek to English. This resulted in a readable English translation, but again only for a portion of the text. Perhaps another OCR site would do a better job of converting the patent from images to actual Greek text or else pay Convertio to do the whole document.

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