I have searched for my invention and found some related prior art, but nothing which would prevent a good patent from being issued. There certainly are gaps in my search, however, and I'd like to hire a professional to help find prior art I've missed.

Finding professional searchers is not difficult, but I have no ability to determine which will do a good job. Which factors should I consider to determine who to pay to do a search?

My understanding is that I could file a WIPO application and get a search that way (or simply file an application at the national office), but I'd prefer to have a solid search done before filing anything to avoid possible new matter issues later on. I'm also interested in whether this concern is valid.

  • This is hard for me to answer since I've always had access to patent search professionals as part of my employment. I can say that the professionals tend to use classification codes and search for non-patent sources too. The usual process is to search broadly and then use feedback from the inventor to refine the search.
    – Eric S
    Dec 18 '21 at 21:09

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