For example, for a novel artificial intelligence algorithm, one may have some description of the experimental data and results, in addition to the description of the artificial intelligence algorithm itself. By experimental data and results, I mean a systematic analysis of the results (e.g., reporting some performance metrics on an entire test set) and not just some cherry-picked examples. Is there any point in including the description of the experimental data and results in the patent application?

I see some patents adding the description of the experimental data and results {1}, while don't {2}.


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The U.S. a requirement to describe how to make and use the invention. There is also a “written description” requirement to show that you “possess” the invention. That means you understand that it works without any further invention. It may be that one person filing an application is more concern about meeting that hurdle than another applicant or one invention is less believable on its face, requiring more demonstration of results.

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