I filed two applications last year in February. Both have been allowed, by different examiners. I received a notice of allowance on the first one three weeks after payment of the issue fee, and it issued shortly thereafter. It’s now been more than six weeks after the receipt of my issue fee on the second, but I have yet to receive a notice in the file wrapper. Is this unusual?

One wrinkle on the second application: my corrected ADS was rejected five months after I filed it, and weeks after I paid the issue fee. I’d filed it to enter the benefit info to the ADS that I had included in the first page of the specification, thus no new matter, but it was rejected as I had not included a petition. I called the help line and they told me there was nothing that could be done now, and I’d have to file a certificate of correction. So could the ADS issue somehow be the hold up on the issuance, or something else? Is it acceptable to contact the examiner about it?


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