I want to patent "My Thoughts" on uses of the computer science in real life. Please guide me on how to do so.


Regards, Uday Tashildar

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  • We need some more info. Is “My Thoughts” a book or essay? Is so you would obtain a copyright not a patent.
    – Eric S
    Jun 20 at 13:13
  • Neither an essay nor a book. These are purely my thoughts and will articulate them to become a product that can be used world wide for betterment of the society, and environment. Jun 20 at 16:10
  • This question is, unfortunately too vague to answer. You can only get a patent on a specific invention. Perhaps you could edit the question to be more specific.
    – Eric S
    Jun 20 at 16:12
  • "Use of computer science to shower rain on selected area" - one of the topic I can think of at this moment. There are many more.. Jun 20 at 16:33
  • An invention, generally, is a specific concept to achieve some end. "Use computer science to shower rain in a selected area" is not an invention. If you can figure out a way to actually do it, even if not completely efficient or accurate to any particular degree, that would be an invention.
    – George White
    Jun 20 at 21:00


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