Where on a granted US patent document, or in background information that I can look up using the patent number, can I find the name of the law firm that submitted the patent? This is for an active patent so it's not that old.

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It’s on the face of the granted patent. enter image description here

It could be the practitioner’s name or could be a firm. In the patent I highlighted it is the firm. If you looked in the file wrapper for the case in Patent Center you should see the various filings signed by John King who did a great job on this application.

It is also a searchable field in many search engines.

  • Thanks. In case it helps someone: the file wrapper can be accessed here. Search by the granted patent or patent application number, then when you find the patent of interest, click 'Address and Attorney/Agent Information'.
    – KAE
    Feb 21 at 14:12

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