According to this article https://www.upcounsel.com/non-obvious

"If your idea is to make clothes hangers in smaller sizes for petite women's clothing, it's possible that your invention is novel, but simply making clothing hangers in a smaller size would still be quite obvious to people who already make hangers."

What makes it novel, if you agree with the article?

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It is rare that making something bigger or smaller is not deemed to be obvious.

If some “invention” is need to do miniaturization or if only one portion has a size change resulting in different behavior it might be non-obvious. A smaller hanger for a smaller garment might be novel but wouldn’t be non-obvious.

The case that determined this, In re Rose had to do with smaller bundles of wood with the wood sorted by size.


I am not a lawyer. That said, to me novel means never been done before. So if all hangers are approximately the same size and someone decides to make a smaller hanger for petite clothing and that was the first one ever, it would be novel. In reality, there actually are hangers made over a range of sizes so the example doesn't seem novel. To make sense you have to ignore that.

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