This is a general question regarding patent applications.

I know that these are published weekly and you can search individual patent applications via PAIR. Is there a compiled list of all the applications that have been published for that week?


It's fairly easy to do your own search. First, go to the USPTO database of published applications. Next, enter a search string specifying a start and stop date. For the week of April 8, 2013 to April 12, 2013, that would look like this: PD/4/8/2013->4/12/2013. That will give you a listing (in groups of 50) of all of the applications published that week. If you want to narrow that list down by classification and/or subclassification add the following: AND CCL/cla/sub, where cla is the class code, and, if you want to go to the subclass level, sub is the subclassification code. For example, CCL/726/35 would be Information Security/Theft Protection. You can find classification and subclassification codes here.


There is a third-party-site that does offer a RSS feed of weekly updates.



The USPTO publishes the Patent Gazette every Tuesday. It lists the patents that were issued and lists reexaminations granted, expired patents, etc. However, I do not think it lists published applications.

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