Looking for prior art for US Patent No. 7,635,594 which predates May, 2005

Publication number US7635594 B2

Publication date - Dec 22, 2009

Filing date - Mar 24, 2006

Priority date - May 9, 2005

Claim 1 of US Patent No. 7,635,594:

  1. A two-way communication system for monitoring an analyte in a bodily fluid from a subject, comprising:

    • an external device configured to transmit a protocol to a reader assembly;
    • a fluidic device configured to be inserted into the reader assembly, said fluidic device comprising:
    • a sample collection unit configured for collecting a sample of bodily fluid that contains an analyte
    • an assay assembly containing reactants that react with said sample of bodily fluid based on the protocol transmitted from said external device to yield a detectable signal indicative of the concentration of said analyte present in said bodily fluid; and
    • an identifier that is configured to provide the identity of said fluidic device and is also configured to trigger the transmission of said protocol;
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Trying to find something closer than anything considered by the examiner on an application with a large number of cited documents and a very long prosecution history is a huge undertaking.

Also, one of the documents listed on an IDS is a US2005/0100937 (item 4 below) is listed in google patents as a counterpart to WO 2005/025413. So it was cited by the applicants.( mooting the bulk of the question as originally posted)

enter image description here

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Blood sugar monitors would seem to fit into this category. Put a bit of blood onto the test strip, insert test strip into monitor, and get your feedback instantly.

Would one of the oxygen sensors that gets put over your fingernail (reads optically) fit this as well?

  • That wouldn't have a communication protocol, I would think.
    – George White
    Jul 25, 2013 at 21:43

I would look at the i-stat patents by Imants R. Lauks. These start in the 1980's-1990's and continue to the present.

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