I want to know if the maintenance fees are current and if specialty window coverings still have claim to us6796360 patent.


US6796360 was filed and has a priority date of: Feb 25, 2003 The original life of the patent would have been 20 years from Feb 25, 2003 or Feb 25, 2023

The first claim of '360 is:

A tension shade comprising:

  1. A headrail supporting a window covering;

  2. A bottom rail operatively connected to the window covering; at least one tension cord extending from the headrail and operatively connected to the bottom rail;

  3. At least one tensioner connected to the tension cord and configured to be releasably secured to a structure; the tensioner including...

    • a first component having an engagement surface and
    • a second component having a second engagement surface;
    • a portion of the first component interfering with a portion of the second component inhibiting the first and second components from separating,
    • the first and second components having a first position wherein the first engagement surface and the second engagement surface are spaced apart a predetermined distance sufficient to frictionally engage a portion of the tension cord,
    • the first component being movable within the second component from the first position to a second fully engaged position clamping the tension cord between the first and second engagement surfaces.

According to Public Pair the patent was issued May 20, 2004. It expired due to non-payment of maintenance fees on Oct, 27, 2008. So long as it is expired the patent is no longer current and is no longer in force.

enter image description here

Which can also be seen on Google Patents:

enter image description here

It is not clear what is meant by "if speciality window coverings still have claim to us6796360 patent". However, if the question is whether a third party should worry about the owner of the '360 preventing the manufacture or sale of products which infringe the '360 patent, the answer is NO (unless and until the patent is revived).

I'll leave it to other participants on Ask Patents to opine on whether the '360 patent could in principle be revived by payment of the overdue maintenance fees 5 years after patent has expired.

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