What is the total cost of filing a software patent and/or design in UK and in USA?

I mean, the fees for filing, the agency fees for writing the documents, etc. in total.

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Patent fees are spelled out on the USPTO website.

As for lawyer or agent fees, that is outside the scope of this site and you can try contacting some directly. But starting at $10,000 ~ $30,000 would be my ballpark estimate based on what I've heard.

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    The USPTO fees are published but can be confusing. Assuming you qualify as a "small entity" it is about $750 to file. The next typical step is getting a rejection. If each rejection is properly responded to within 3 months there is no USPTO fee. To keep playing after 2 rejections you need to file a request for about $700. If you get a notice of allowance there is a publication fee of about $300 + issue fee of about $800 for the patent to issue. You are good for 3 years until a relatively low maintainance fee is due. The are larger ones at 7 years and 11 years.
    – George White
    Commented Sep 26, 2013 at 2:44

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