I have installed items similar to the D1 reflectors described in US2006081742. I believe I have spotted an opportunity to improve the invention described in this patent application. Can anyone please help me to get hold off the inventor Mr Garcia Guadalupe?


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US2006081742 is a Patent application. The best way to find information about a US patent application or an issued US patent is on Google Patents. The second best way is through the Public PAIR system of the USPTO.

US2006081742 was rejected by the USPTO in 2007 and subsequently abandoned. The inventor was Guadalupe Garcia and he used an IP service called Lumen IP, which is located in Palo Alto, California and is frequently used by nearby Stanford University:

enter image description here

The patent was subsequently assigned to:

Worldwide Safety, Inc

648 46th Street

Sacramento, CA 95819

enter image description here

Worldwide Safety, Inc. does not appear to have a website. The address appears to be a home address. The best way to reach the inventor is probably through Lumen IP, which may still have contact information and an email address for the inventor. The second best way is to look through the other patent applications Guadalupe Garcia has filed at the USPTO It appears the inventor may now live in Santa Monica, California.

enter image description here

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