AN OVERBROAD PATENT ON Showing information about local businesses on a map on a webpage - This application from Abra Inc. seeks to patent the idea of...Showing website visitors a map containing information about local businesses! This application is now owned by a presumed patent troll known as "FAN CHIANG HOLDINGS"

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QUESTION - Have you seen anything that was published before 11/18/1999 that discusses:

  • Showing a web page with a map based on user selected geographical information. In reponse to user request, showing a second web page with more information about a local business on the map. (Note 1999 priority date of application.)

If so, please submit evidence of prior art as an answer to this question. We welcome multiple answers from the same individual.

EXTRA CREDIT - User selected information is a zip code or location of local businesses are shown with markers on the map

TITLE: Providing local business information on a website

Summary: [Translated from Legalese into English] Send user a first customized web page which includes a map localized to any geographical area specified by user. Sending a second web page with more information pertaining to businesses on the map (in response to user request).

  • Publication Number: US 20120284613 A1
  • Application Number: US 13/551,267
  • Assignee: FAN CHIANG HOLDINGS (presumably an NPE/patent troll)
  • Prior Art Date: Seeking prior Art predating 11/18/1999
  • Open for Challenge at USPTO: Open through 5/7/2013
  • Link to Google Prior Art Search - "Find Prior Art"

Claim 1 requires each and every step below:

A method comprising:

  1. Sending, by a first computing device to a second computing device, a first web page customized based on user selected information and including map information localized to a user selected geographic area; and

  2. Responsive to a request for information pertaining to a business indicated on the first web page, sending, by the first computing device to the second computing device, the requested information in the form of a second web page customized based on the business and including information pertaining to the business.

In English this means:

A method comprising:

  1. Sending a web page customized in any way based on user selected information which includes a map localized to some geographical area selected by the user; and

  2. In reponse to the user requesting more information about a business on the web page, Sending a second web page customed with more information pertaining to the business.

Good prior art would be evidence of a system that did each and every one of these steps prior to 11/18/1999

You're probably aware of ten pieces of art that meet this criteria already... separately, the applicant is claiming User-entered zip codes and local businesses indicated with map markers

"Method of providing sequence data to the cloud computing environment" from the Applicant

What is good prior art? Please see our FAQ.

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  • 1
    This patent appears to cover display of local business information based on provided criteria, including zip code. google.com/patents/WO2000025190A2 It does not explicitly cover returning results on a map from what I am able to determine.
    – Jim Wrubel
    Nov 22, 2013 at 19:10
  • I don't have a specific answer, but I think this could be answered by a system, run by a single large business, which provided the location of their nearest branch based on a customer's zip or postal code. I think it should be relatively easy to find examples of this in the early-to-mid dot-com era.
    – Chromatix
    Nov 24, 2013 at 14:29

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In 1999 I did some brief consulting work for the company where2getit.com. Their product was(is) a web application that allows people to locate stores close to their location. Users can search by address and it would display stores on a map close to their location.

The company and product were created around 1997!



Unfortunately the way back machine does not have any captures of their site prior to '99

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