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Patenting for Arduino based invention

I created a gadget using Arduino. I used libraries which are under GPL licence. I want to know about is, can I get a patent for my invention? Can I use this gadget for a commercial purpose?
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Ideas on how to do patent searching

I'm a newbie and I'm hoping to get some pretty interesting ideas from you guys about patent searching and the different tools and techniques I can use.
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How can I determine whether my product infringes this patent?

I have an idea that I am currently researching and I cannot find a product like it on the market. I looked through some existing patents and am now curious what I should be looking for. I do realize ...
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Learning how to draft patents

I want to learn how to draft patents. Problem is, I don't have the money to go to college. Is there any online resource where I can learn this? I have taken many online courses over the years, ...
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Who specifically has a patent on Fresnel Lenses

In reference to the patent: US8194324 I know that the Oculus Rift uses fresnel lenses, but I want to know who specifically holds a patent for fresnel lenses.
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Improvement on an already patented idea

Is there a process to use an already patented idea that I can use along with my idea? Also if not, how can I protect my idea if I approach the original company to pitch it.....What can I do to protect ...
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How do I file a water-tight provisional patent for an article worn around a person?

I have an idea for a piece of apparel both a design patent and a utility patent worn around various locations of the body. I have noticed patents filed for universal and off-earth claims. I wish to ...
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Who holds patents for "over-size" golf club grips?

Who holds patents for "over-size" golf club grips for putters, drivers, irons etc.,? Showed my design to a patent attorney, could not afford a patent search. Later, I saw my idea being sold! It was ...
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How can I see what exercise/small soft tissue designs are currently patented?

I am a corrective exercise expert, and have some techniques and ideas I would like to see how to protect, and/or what types of things are already protected. Is there a database of specific types of ...
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Guides for a newbie patent researcher [duplicate]

I'm a newbie in patent research. I'm presently given a task to find a prior-art on some documents, to be candid, I don't know. Could experts here help suggest A GET STARTED approach? It could be done ...
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