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what percentage of utility applications are granted on the first try?

Is this statistic tracked somewhere? If so, what is the percentage utility patent applications are granted on the first try? In other words, no further office actions were requested from the examiner, ...
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abandonment patent

I had a patent. But patent with no reason now abandonment patent. Legal department directed patent this way. Now someone else made my idea and it is a 3 billion dollars annual sales. what can I do? ...
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1 vote
1 answer

What is the difference between withdrawing an application (MPEP § 1308) and expressly abandoning an application to avoid publication (§ 1125)?

More specifically, what effects does withdrawing an application have? And what effects does expressly abandoning an application have?
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Timeline for revival of abandoned application

Is there any time line for revival of an abandoned patent application?? I am aware an application is considered abandoned in view of applicant’s failure to submit a proper reply to the Office action ...
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If a patent is abandoned and later revived, does that affect the priority date?

I've filed non-provisional utility patent application with the USPTO. If it becomes considered abandoned by the USPTO for non payment of filing fees, will reviving the application maintain the ...
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How would I go about abandoning this patent application?

I filed a patent application as a pro se inventor and I've now received an office action. Between the filing date of the application and now, I've discovered that I don't have a need for this patent ...
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Reapply for patent after notice of abandonment

I am the first name inventor. Unfortunately I received a notice of abandonment. Due to incorrect address I did not received any mail from the USPTO until I was aware of the wrong address and I made an ...
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