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Questions tagged [abstract]

Questions related to Abstract of specification rules, formatting and requirements thereof.

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What additional implementation details would this patent application need in order to pass?

1) User A sends a message to User B. 2) If User B does not open the message, then nothing happens after that. 3) If User B does open the message, then User A pays the app an amount in dollars. As ...
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What is needed to make this abstract idea patentable

This is an idea for the payment system of an app: If (A) and (B) occurs, then the user will pay the app. Assume that it is novel and non-obvious. What might be some implementation details needed to ...
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Why advance google patent search not returning expected results?

Why advance google patent search not returning expected results? I want to get filtered results from Google patents by, document contains in its abstract a keyword1, a keyword2 adjacent to keyword1 ...
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Which sections are necessary to write the patent abstract?

I am a computer engineer working with text (NLP). As part of my PhD, I am conducting some experiments on automatic summarization, i.e., automatically generating a summary / abstract of a text. One of ...
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Why do few US patents have reference numbers in the abstract and claims?

In my experience very few US patent documents have reference numbers in the claims or abstract, even though doing so would make the document easier to understand. Why is this? MPEP 608.01(m) states: ...
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Patent abstract: should I aim for generality or concretion?

My company has encouraged me to patent a recent discovery. Is it recommendable to disclose contextual details in the abstract or not? Let's say the discovery found was inspired in the specific ...
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Can the wording of the Abstract be modified during the prosecution phase, if it only adds matter already in the specifications?

I would like to include mention of a secondary feature that's fully described in specifications and claims, but not currently mentioned in the abstract. Process is currently at the stage of pending ...
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What does 'abstract' mean in a patent?

Looking through Google patents and on certain patents above the description is says 'ABSTRACT'. I am new to the patent world, still learning.
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Is it possible to patent something that is purely an idea?

I have recently thought of an interesting and potentially very successful idea that could be implemented in 2-3 years. It would have at least a EU, or even a worldwide span. However, I have no ...
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