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What concrete lessons should software patent applicants learn from Alice vs CLS Bank?

Alice vs CLS Bank decided that implementing an abstract idea on a generic computer is not patentable. Most experts seem to believe that SCOTUS's decision invalidated some, but not all software ...
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What are the best post-Alice strategies for drafting claims in software patent applications?

As I understand, the Alice decision set up a two-step rule for determining patent eligibility. Subsequent rulings in the U.S. (like McRO, Inc. v. Activision Publishing, McRO v. Bandai Namco Games ...
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Software Patents after Alice decision

There are a lot of discussions about Software Patents in the Post-Alice environment. People suggested that it introduces great uncertainty in what could be claimed, if anything. I found a USPTO ...
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Tinder vs Bumble swipe matching process and "Alice decision"

I came across this article: Tinder's patents: https:...
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Can a patent issued before Alice, but suspect of not meeting its standards now, be invalidated at the PTAB?

I agree with some if not most of the fundamental principles of Alice despite its somewhat ambiguous construction as of now. Presumed is a patent issued pre-Alice, and post-Alice be found not meeting ...
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